Tracking Your Delivery


Most companies who deliver packages today will provide tracking information. This is a great tool for following the progress of the delivery. Simply log into the website and enter your order information. This will then tell you the status of your delivery. There are a variety of terms to know when it comes to tracking your delivery. Remembering them will help to make life easier while you wait for your package.

It is useful for the customer to know these terms as it helps them recognise their consumer rights. From time to time there may be an error in the shipping process. Recognising the reasons for this can be so much easier if you refer to the delivery status definitions.

For example, let us imagine that a customer has ordered an item and the package does not arrive in time. If they check the status it may say that it is “Undelivered”. This may be because there was no one home during the allotted delivery time. Armed with this knowledge the customer can act accordingly.

Delivery Status Definitions

  • In Transit

Your package has been handed over to the courier and is being dispatched currently.

  • Pick Up

Your package has been shipped to your local delivery point.

  • Undelivered

Your package has failed to be delivered. This can be for several different reasons. It could be that there was no one at home or perhaps it has had to be rescheduled. For more specific information it is a good idea to contact the company directly.

  • Delivered

Your package has been successfully delivered to the correct address. If you get this status but the package is not actually at your address then it is best to enquire the reasons for this.

  • Expired

Your package was in the system for too long a period of time. This time period has now ended. This unfortunately can result in the delivery being lost.