Online Games


Transportation is a theme that can be seen in a number of online casino games. This can be anything from online blackjack to slot games. There are many different types of vehicle that can be used in transportation. This can include cars, trucks, boats and planes to name just a few. The iconography of these vehicles can be used to make the online game more engaging and help keep the customer playing.

A Case Study

Let us imagine that we are creating our own online game. In this instance it can be a slot game. We can use the theme of delivery to be the core one for the game. The player will take on the role of a driver trying to deliver his goods. He will meet a number of quirky characters along the way.

The layout of the slot game itself will be that of a map. The background will include a road that the character must progress through. If they manage to get from the start to the end of the road then they will be rewarded with the jackpot.

The slots can be the different characters that the player meets. If they get three in a row then they of course win. Since this is an online slot game there can also be an abundance of animations to keep the player interested in continuing. These animations could even be interactive depending on the skills of the developer.

So there you have it. It is that easy to create an online casino game that uses transportation as the theme. The possibilities are limited only the creativity of the maker. If they want to create a game using boats as transport then the function and narrative will change completely. There are an abundance of ways to create this type of game.