Transportation Companies

  • Hermes

Hermes is a well known courier company that transports packages to customers internationally. The German company was established in the early 1970’s and has since expanded all across the globe. Those who work for the company are technically classed as self employed. Their job is to transport Hermes packages in their local area.

It is estimated that in the UK alone the company processes over three million packages every year. This just goes to show how significantly popular and trusted Hermes is as a transportation provider.

  • National Rail

National Rail is a train company that runs throughout the UK. It was first introduced in 1991 and works with a number of train operating companies in Britain. It’s primary function is to provide some infrastructure to the UK rail system. This is easier said than done. In recent years the company has been heard in the news not for positive publicity but for it’s varying problems. This includes staff strikes and delay issues.

  • First Bus

First Bus provides transport for customers across the UK. Their buses are often relied on by people who live in the more isolated areas of Britain. They are a brand that is seen in not just England but also Scotland and Wales. Recently they have allowed customers to pay for their journeys with contact less payments rather than with paper tickets.

  • London Underground

The London Underground provides a tube train service throughout London. They are one of the most widely used methods of transport throughout the English capital. It is one of the biggest metro systems in the entire world. Each year they transport billions of customers. Until recently the main mode of paying for tickets was with a specially designed Oyster Card. Now customers are able to pay using their own contact less bank cards.