Amazon & Royal Mail

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful delivery companies in the entire world. Instead of focusing on one niche product they are able to sell a large variety, with goods being stored in their numerous warehouses. It is from these warehouses that the goods are transported via courier.

The company allows their customers to track their orders online. They are renowned globally for the reliability of this service. Recently the company has expanded its logical structure. This has allowed it to deliver their goods in an increasing number of ways.

Traditional road transportation was what allowed Amazon to thrive into the company they are today. Now, however they are also able to deliver via air transport. This includes the revolutionary use of drones. After Amazon announced that they were using drones to transport packages it created a buzz throughout the industry. It also caused an increased investment in this type of technology.

  • Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK’s most well known postal service. It was established in the 1500’s and is able to deliver both letters and parcels. A common practice in the UK is for the customer to hand their package in to the local postal office and have it weighed. The weight will determine the cost of its transportation.

Letters on the other hand do not need to be handed in person. Instead the customer can place their letter in post box with a legitimate stamp. The stamp will cover the cost of the letter. This letter will then be transported by a post van to it destination.

Postal vans are a common sight throughout the UK in the morning. Their distinctive red colour has made them iconic throughout the world. This colour scheme is reflected in the uniforms of the postmen themselves who deliver to homes and businesses.